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Milne Programs

We are an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) providing 24-hour care. Everyone receives individualized and consistent programming from highly trained staff members. The staff makes it their solitary mission to ensure that each person participates in the planning and implementation of services to enhance specific skills and increase independence.

Activities and therapeutic programming are developed based on each person’s interests, existing skill sets, strengths, and intellectual and developmental capabilities, so as to ensure success.

At Milne, our multidisciplinary team is also available to provide the following services for each person, as is determined by their individualized service plan:

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Social Skills

  • Medical, Health and Wellness

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Psychological/Behavioral

  • Pre-vocational and Employment Skills

These programs are intended to identify the essential supports for successful community living. By using a person-centered approach involving the individual, family members, employees, and the community, we strive to help each person attain a safe, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

Our scope of services offers a wide range of programs. We promote inclusion through participation in social, spiritual, recreational, and vocational experiences in the St. Tammany Parish community. Additionally, we invite the extended community into our own neighborhood for festivals, dances, and other unique opportunities that build friendships.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with our programs by phone  (985) 327-6550  or email.

Skills, Training, Employment, Programs (STEP)

Work Readiness Class:

Through instruction and group learning, STEP participants learn and develop skills necessary to be successful in the community.  In the program, participants learn conflict management, money management, time management, health and safety practices, employment rights, team work, and much more.  Upon program completion, our residents demonstrate the achievement of their new skills as productive employees of the working community.

Employment on Campus:

STEP participants are provided the option of working in three different areas of the Milne community.  In our Administration Building, our participants receive training in general office work and gain hands-on experience in customer service.  In our Maintenance Department participants learn new skills working on the grounds and assisting with general janitorial work. In our Employee Dining Center, participants gain experience with the food industry and demonstrate good customer service skills.

Baking Class:

Through guided instruction from our pastry chef, STEP participants are provided experience with the preparation of a variety of baked goods. This takes place in an industrial kitchen where residents gain relevant experience in the baked goods industry.

Daily Life


Our Homes

The Milne residences have the look and feel of typical single-family homes in a neighborhood community.  Each home is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual residents, providing a cohesive and tasteful interior design.  Every home offers its own unique color palette, providing a fun and inviting décor.  The wall colors of the private bedrooms are personally selected by the individual resident to promote a feeling of belonging and being at home.


Meal planning happens under the supervision of a registered dietician who accommodates residents’ nutruitional needs and any special dietary accommodations. Milne staff and residents shop weekly for fresh food that is delivered to each house. Meals are prepared and eaten family style in each house. Residents who express interest can help with cooking, setting the table, serving and cleaning up after meals.

Home Life

Milne residents spend their free time at home pursuing hobbies, such as painting, puzzle-making, listening to music, using their own electronics or watching TV. Residents can care for their own flower beds and assist with house chores, such as laundry and general cleaning.


Dining Area


Community Activities

Milne provides an array of fulfilling residential activities.  Additionally, Milne offers programs that promote social activities within and around the Milne community, demonstrating the significance of community immersion.  Milne Programs deeply enrich the lives of residents, allowing them to visit nearby community places and participate in fun and exciting social activities.  Milne residents’ visit local eateries, grocery stores, historical sites, educational settings, and sporting events.

Some of the Activities / Events Include: